In this new era of The Daily Show, the "main" host of the show has become a revolving door of different people. Now, Jon Stewart has returned to do Mondays ONLY, but the rest of the week, other Daily Show correspondents take turns holding down the desk.

This week, Michael Kosta, who happens to be from Ann Arbor, Michigan, took the reins for the remaining shows. Wednesday night, in particular, was special, as he helped cover the Michigan Primary Elections in their Indecision 2024 with fellow Michigander, and Kalamazoo native Jordan Klepper. That's when the East v. West Michigan jabs started to fly.

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The segment starts easy enough with both identifying where "on the hand" they're from. Klepper points to the "lower left palm," and Kosta points "a little southeast of the thumb."

That's when Klepper fires the first shot.... "Oh... you stupid, simple, thumb folk. Must have been wild cutting class to snort car grease in that abandoned Pontiac Factory."

From there, it's reference after reference that only real residents of the Mitten would truly understand. While the rest of the country had NO idea what was happening, every Michigander in the Lower Peninsula (and maybe some from the U.P.) were on the edge of their couch like...


Zingers from Kosta included "selling tulip bulbs so you could afford tickets to Minor League west Michigan Whitecap games." (Though, for Klepper, it would be the Growlers in Kalamazoo.)

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I did have to laugh as Kosta acknowledged that clearly, not a SINGLE person outside of Michigan would get any of their references, but it was still damn funny. And the references only get more specific, and hilarious from there.

You can see Klepper and Kosta going at it from Wednesday night's piece below in the last segment, starting at the 7:26 mark. 

How many did you count they dropped?

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