State of Washington entomologists finally tracked down the first nest of the giant Asian Hornets found in the U.S.. Entomologists and were able to destroy the nest using a vacuum-like suction method.

The Washington State Department Of Agriculture was able to track one of four Murder Hornets they captured back to the nest. The nest was located in a tree found on private property. The owner of the property gave permission for the extraction.

Officials believe there is a possibility of more nests in the area and will continue trapping more and more of the Hornets in hopes they may be able to destroy more nests.  The Murder Hornets pose a dangerous threat to an already threatened Honey Bee population as they are known to completely annihilate Honey Bee nests in a matter of hours.

As the Washington State Agriculture Department attempts to battle the spread of the species it begs the question, how long before they are discovered in Michigan? At this moment  in time it is to early to tell but should they make it here, you have to ask yourself, just how much of a threat do they pose to you? The answer isn't as frightening as you would think it would be.

Scientist who study the Hornets are more worried about the havoc the Hornets will have upon the population of the Honey Bee and its effect on the ecosystem than they are about attacks on humans. As far as the title of "Murder Hornet" well, that might be a tad overblown.

“What the hornet does is it feeds on — it preys on — honeybees,” said Dessie Underwood, an entomologist and the chair of Cal State Long Beach’s Department of Biological Sciences. “Just like a lion feeds on a gazelle — you don’t call it a murderous lion. Everyone has to eat something.” - LA Times

It's reported that only around 50 people a year die in Japan where the Hornets are most prevalent. It would take way more than one sting from the Hornets to actually kill a human being with those already allergic to bees and hornets being the most susceptible to death.

What do you think? How soon before the murderous Hornets make it to our state? Should we be worried?

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