I can certainly understand a ban on burning brush or leaves in a residential area or neighborhood.  These fires are usually on a larger scale and could possibly cause a fire to get out of control.  Plus, they produce a tremendous amount of smoke that could impair driving and cause discomfort.  On the other hand a backyard bonfire or, in most cases, a fire restricted to a containment apparatus poses very little risk of spreading in my opinion.  So why the concern?

As wwmt.com reported, The Kalamazoo City Commission is considering an amendment that would add recreational fires to the fire ban in the city.  Fire chief Jim Wilson doesn't want to ban the backyard fires but wants them to be safe.  So how do we make them safe?  Apparently by making citizens pay for a permit!  Now, common sense would keep you from burning your house down or starting the trees on fire but there's more than a few people who don't have sense; common or otherwise.  I can't help but think that this is either a cash grab or the result of someone complaining about their neighbor's loud bonfire party.  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.


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