Here are 10 rock and metal albums that critics hated and went on to become classics.

There are certain albums that become legendary due to their timeless quality and influence. In fact, they’re pretty much synonymous with rock and metal as a whole, so it’s almost inconceivable that anyone would ever disparage them.

However, it happens far more often than you might think, especially when they’re first released.

Indeed, some of the most celebrated LPs – from some of the most adored artists of all time – initially received ridicule from critics. Whether they underestimated a record’s staying power or too easily dismissed its artistic merits, these writers couldn’t have been more wrong.

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The 10 LPs on this list are particularly shocking examples, as they received a surprising amount of professional hate that – in hindsight – seems downright absurd.

10 Rock + Metal Albums Critics Hated That Became Classics

What were they thinking?!

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