For somebody in Clinton Township Michigan it could have been a really bad start to the week, as a building which hosts multiple businesses had a freak accident, which has everyone baffled. Apparently, sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, the post office located at 19 & Garfield had an entire brick wall siding straight up collapse. Luckily, as WWJ reported, nobody was hurt:

Officials say that the phenomenon could have been a result of Tuesday night’s storms, but are continuing to investigate the situation this morning. There we no injuries reported in the incident.

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Live Recording

Reporter Charlie Langton went to the site and recorded the pile of rubble and debris as people try to figure out how this could have happened:

Those are bricks all over the parking lot, from a wall her in Clinton Twsp. about 19 & Garfield. Apparently, crime scene tape is up this happened last night the building had to be evacuated. It could have been storm damage not sure, but you can see the crime scene tape goes over here there's a post office and copy supply.


The film actually shows that although the post office was evacuated, it was actually the copy shop which was affected by this. But when an entire wall decides to collapse, and is connected to other businesses, who knows if they thought the whole thing may come down. Luckily nobody was hurt and once the mess is cleaned up it'll be business as usual.

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