The owners of Capri Drive-In say they are ready to open but are having trouble getting Michigan's governor to approve and are asking for your help.

Despite other drive-in theaters being approved to open and operate with modifications to meet CDC recommendations in Michigan, Capri Drive-In has not been allowed to do so. They are asking for the public 's help in reaching out to Governor Whitmer's office to ask that they be allowed to open. Not only do they want to open, but they also say they need to.

Capri Drive-In is a family-run operation and has been considered to be one of the best in the country. The open season for drive-ins is pretty short considering how long our cold season lasts in Michigan. It is not an easy business but one that could bring a lot of relief for those struggling to abide by the current "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order. They say they can open safely and have laid out thorough plans to abide by all recommended health and safety standards.

After our request yesterday to reach out to our Governor asking that she allow us to open, for those of you inclined to do so, we still ask that you do. Here's that info again:

Governor Whitmer’s office:
In yesterday's post, there were many people wondering about concessions. Our 3 option plan for that, should we be allowed to open, is this:

1. We will sell you a food voucher at the Box Office. While the cost for that is still to be determined, we intend to keep it affordable. If you purchase a food voucher, then you can bring your own food in with you.

2. The Snack Bar will be open but we will only allow a certain number of people at a time and Social Distancing will be strictly enforced. Masks will also be required unless you have health reasons that keep you from doing so.

3. For those of you not comfortable with leaving your car, we have partnered with an online app.:, that will allow you to purchase and pay for your food right from your smartphone. Then we will deliver your order right to your car. Our son Michael has designated the posts on the premises with row number and spot number to expedite your delivery.

Also, some of you had concerns about using the restrooms.

As far as restrooms are concerned, we will post bathroom monitors at the door that will only allow a predetermined number of persons to use the facilities at any time. Social Distancing will be strictly enforced even if there's a line. Masks must be worn unless health concerns keep you from doing so. Hand sanitizer will also be provided and, of course, washing your hands is a must.

In the event that there's a long line, it's also possible that we
might hold the second movie up a little to allow time for everyone to go.

We want everyone to understand that, should we be allowed to open, we will do everything within our power to make it a safe night out for everyone, the same as we always have done. Please remember, we believe that the nature of our business is such that our patrons can be safe and social distance and at the same time will give people a much needed night out.

Most of you are probably aware that the movie studios have stopped releasing new product, so movie availability is also a concern, but we intend to do the best we can to provide family and adult oriented movies until new movies start to be released again.

Lastly, there were some people that didn't think it's a good idea for us to open, indeed we appreciate you and your concerns, but suggest that you wait to come see us until you're comfortable doing so.

Our business is primarily run just by our family and a few others. Our nest egg from last fall is almost gone and it's becoming imperative that we open soon. Please believe that we truly understand the serious nature of this virus, and that the very LAST THING we want is to help spread it.

Your help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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