College football playoffs could move from only 4 teams to 12 teams.

As a kid growing up in Michigan, I remembering the Rose Bowl always being a big deal but thought college football should have a playoff system based on the winners of all the bowl games so you could really get to a national champion.

I was really excited 10 years ago when it was announced there was going to be college football playoffs but then quickly disappointed to find out there there will only be 4 teams involved.

According to WOOD, the number of college football teams in the playoffs may triple and that will get the sport closer to finding a real national champion. Six slots will be reserved for the highest ranked conference champions and the other six will will be going to at-large selections.

I think the playoff's added to college football was a positive but always thought it fell short of what college football fans expected. Its already shown that the current system is favorable to only a few teams leaving the system way behind what college basketball offers schools and fans alike.

The way the college football playoff system is currently designed, only about 4% of teams even have a chance to be a part of it. Unlike other college sports where 20% of the teams have a chance to a part of a championship event.

A college football season with 12 playoff slots available will not only have exciting season openers but now the back end of the season can become just as exciting if not more exciting especially if your favorite team has a shot at getting in.

Wouldn't it be awesome to see a Cinderella team get in and shock the country by going all the way and taking down a school like Alabama, Clemson or Oklahoma.

Plus a playoff system expanded, we might could see both Michigan and Michigan State in the playoffs.

There is no date set on the 12 team playoff but we know for now it won't be this season. 2023 could be the earliest this may take place and even as late at 2026 this could start.

To me, the sooner the better and to be honest, I would prefer there be 16 teams in the playoff's to give even more schools and conferences a shot at a real national championship game.

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