If you know any firefighters or cops, they all have stories like this. And they're funny. It's possible that a woman in Ann Arbor, who goes by the name Sydney Jo probably sees the humor in this, too, as any publicity is better than no publicity. You see, Sydney Jo is what you might call a sex work instructor or maybe a consultant.

And, in her own words, her specialty is a category called "stuck". And stuck is what she got, in a folding chair. So stuck that Ann Arbor Fire Department rescue had to be called. Firefighters thought they had plenty of help with a specialty metal cutting tool, but that failed to extricate Sydney Jo from the chair, so the Jaws of Life had to be called in. Yes, the same equipment used to save people in horrible automobile crashes.

"Everyone said to unscrew it but it was a Jaws of Life situation." -@sydneysomething via Tik Tok

MLive quotes Ann Arbor Fire Chief Michael Kennedy as saying "stuck" calls to the fire department aren't all that unusual, but usually it's a kid with their head stuck in a railing, or, as earlier this week, a raccoon with its head stuck in a storm sewer in Harrison Township.

WARNING! The Tik Tok video is contains profanity and blasphemy and is obviously not safe for work. NSFW)

@sydneysomethinReply to @teachertracy78 EVERYONE SAID TO UNSCREW IT BUT THIS WAS A JAWS OF LIFE SITUATION♬ original sound - sydney jo

Sydney Jo says she didn't tell her rescuers the purpose of the chair, simply saying it was a "school project."

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The official statement from the Ann Arbor Fire Department says: "This incident occurred in the City of Ann Arbor on Tuesday, June 8. Engine 1-6, shift 3 responded and are shown in the video. We appreciate the professionalism and skill of the crew and are grateful the resident was not injured." 

They said it with a straight face.

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