To most people, their license plate is slapped on the back of their car and largely forgotten about until it comes time to review.

Maybe if you've got a vanity plate you put a little more thought into your tags. But there are a small but dedicated group of collectors who collect license plates. Whether its a series of years, letter/number combinations or perhaps in some states, collecting all the counties, there are license plates to be sought out.

The license plate you see here, however, is beyond rare. One that hasn't been on a car. Rather it's what's known as a test place where paints are tried during the printing process.

The specimen was recently placed up for sale on Facebook. The plate was shared on the Michigan Licence Plates Facebook group where a member shared another test version of the Bridge plate with the letters printed in blue.

We took a search through eBay, and while there are a lot of Michigan license plates available for purchase, these color test plates are nowhere to be found.

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So if you are a collector, what are the best items in your collection, let us know in the comments.

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