When you tell someone they can’t do something, chances are they’ll get creative, and find a workaround to get their way. And nobody gets more creative than people trying to come up with a custom license plate at the DMV. 

For Ohio, they have created a “banned list” of vanity tags that get turned away each year, and the list for 2023 is full of some great attempts at humor, trash talking, and some derogatory phrases and words... also, a lot of "poo" for some reason.

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Personalized license plates are a huge deal. You have to pay extra to get them no matter where you live, so when you pull the trigger to get one, you need to make it count. Ohio residents did their best to make as many get through as possible. BUT, state employees are usually pretty smart, and can pick up on what you’re trying to say. 

The state recently released their list of banned tags from 2023, and there are some doozies in there. 

“The committee is pretty good, and they catch a lot. It’s really a fraction of a percent [that don’t get approved.] 99.5% of personalized plate requests are approved.” 

Charlie Normal told News 5 in Cleveland that people will get creative, using numbers in place of letters to try and sneak in their forbidden phrases.  

Below is just a short example of some of the best attempts to create custom plates in Ohio in 2023. Warning to readers, some of these words and phrases can be considered derogatory and NSFW, but we did eliminate some of the more “childish” ones, in favor of the more creative attempts... but also some childish ones.

(Ohio really has an obsession with “poo.”)  

Rejected Ohio License Plates of 2023

Some Creative, Some Childish, and Some just...

Gallery Credit: Canva

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