This sure looks like it could be a license plate you could obtain from Michigan's Secretary of State and display on the back of your vehicle. But, sadly, it's a very limited collector plate from the Michigan License Plate Collectors’ Association or MLPCA. The group of tag collectors meets a few times a year and produces a spectacular souvenir plate.

So while you can't get this place as an official registration of your vehicle, they are being sold by the MLPCA.

The group describes the majesty of their 2022 souvenir plate

MLPCA 2022 souvenir plates are now available for pre-order! (Membership is not required.) This year's design depicts Rock Harbor Lighthouse within the unspoiled splendor of Isle Royale National Park. The deadline to order is August 5, 2022. If you're attending the fall meet, you can pick up your plates there.

The State of Michigan did make a new registration tag available recently with the re-introduction of the retro Water-Winter Wonderland place joining the standard-issue, Mackinac Bridge plate and various organizational and fundraising plates. An official plate you likely can't get, however, are ones available to the state's Native American tribal members - they're considered the rarest official license plates in the state - see them here.

It's not uncommon for a private group to have more interesting and desirable license plates than a governmental agency. A few years ago, a group known as Camp Michigan created a model license plate that they suggested could be used to show someone had a Recreation Passport, the upcharge available when renewing a vehicle registration that allows unfettered access to state parks.

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