Urging "Michiginers" to get out and vote, Team Coco drops a ton of Michigan references in this video, including Bell's beer, Euchre and potholes.

Conan O'Brien has been doing a series of videos aimed at swing states to encourage voter registration and participation. In the latest, he speaks to us in a language we understand here in Michigan.

Claiming in his heart, he's always been a "Michiginder," Conan opens the video by saying he loves his donuts from Dilla's (a Detroit bakery) and his beer from Bell's. He drops several other Michigan references, including Yoopers, Vernors, Euchre and Mackinac Island fudge. Not all "Michiginders" will love this as he takes a shot at U of M football, saying, "Unlike Jim Harbaugh, voting costs nothing, is very effective, and lives up to the hype."

His central message is this,

So, get out out and vote. Because if you don't, you're kinda letting states that aren't as awesome as Michigan [whispers Ohio] make decisions about your education, your water, your roads and your jobs.

Watch the full video below, and get all the resources on everything you need to know to vote on November 3rd here, including links to find your local polling locations, request an absentee ballot, how to update your voter registration and more.

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