Kellogg's Corn Flakes- not just for breakfast anymore. The Battle Creek based company is moving into the world of craft beer.

This unique golden IPA has nothing to do with what happened at the Kellogg plant in Memphis. Throw Away IPA is a brand new venture between Kellogg's UK branch and Seven Bro7hers brewery.

The innovative idea has an unlikely origin: fighting waste. Kellogg has strict standards and those corn flakes that are not cooked to proper temperature or are misshapen end up tossed in the bin. (This is a story from England. "Bin" means trash can.) Food waste was a costly problem for the company but now, those rejected flakes have found a "higher purpose."

Food & Wine has the story of the partnership that has yielded something you never knew you needed in your life: beer made from Corn Flakes. Seven Bro7thers brewing takes the "ugly" cornflakes and uses them as ingredients in their brewing process, accounting for about 30% of the finished product- Throw Away IPA.

As of right now, you'll need a passport and a plane ticket to England to sample a pint.

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