We've heard this cry for years and years: "Why do I need to take that class when I'm never going to use what I learned?"  I have to admit that I barely passed algebra and have no idea what I learned.  We are torn between a well-rounded high school education and students learning what may only be important for them to succeed after they leave school.

We found out in an article on 9and10news.com that there is a bill being sponsored in Lansing that would make required classes like health, physical education, visual arts, foreign language and algebra II optional.  These classes will still be offered and many  students are going to take them but it does provide a lot of flexibility for students who are trying to prepare for their life outside of high school.  That makes sense as many kids will be going on to college.  Is it wrong that I want them to take all those classes because we had to?  Don't answer that.

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