In a perfect world all parents would make the right decisions when it comes to their children and society would not be so hell-bent on policing what parents can and can't do.  Remember the days when kids got a spanking or were threatened with one?  Ya, in a perfect world parents could administer the proper choices to create better futures.  But we don't live in a perfect world and kids don't get to pick their parents.

On this subject I'm somewhat torn.  On the surface we certainly don't want to endanger the health of our own children with second hand smoke.  On the other hand, I was raised by the 2 greatest parents of all time and they both smoked like chimneys and my sisters and I turned out OK; well, my sisters did.  I don't smoke but if I did I would choose NOT to expose my children to second hand smoke. This subject has come up before in Michigan and will undoubtedly come up again very soon.  Most recently, Virginia Beach, VA gave a $100 tickets for smoking with a minor child in the vehicle which is against state law.  Check out that story by clicking HERE.


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