Remember way back when about two or three weeks ago when we were wondering about the new normal?  Now that we are starting to reopen, we're seeing what it's going to look like in many facets of our life.

Masks are now a big part of our lives as is six feet of social distancing.  There seems to be an overall feeling of, for lack of a better word, inconvenience and we as Americans have been spoiled with convenience.  Given the alternative, though, we should learn to live with it until it's not necessary anymore.  Hopefully, that will be six to eight months from now.

In many ways it's a matter of adjustment.  In other ways it doesn't matter because what we're missing may not come back like live shows.  As we've stated, they were one of the first to shut down and will probably be one of the last things to come back if they can.

There has been massive discussion and suggestion on this topic.  Drive-in style shows, distancing pods and some other unacceptable solutions.  However, there's some folks in Indiana that are planning to put on a show and have offered a few ideas that might work into a successful process.

In Hobart, IN, they're planning a country show for about 3,000 people in a small football stadium that normally holds about 10,000 including the field.  The plan is to have people wear masks, cordon off safe sections on the field itself and the bleachers, have hand sanitizers in all the audience areas, sanitize the bathrooms where there will be distancing markers and will also use the system for food & drink.

This may prove to be a test case for future events.  We'll keep an eye out to see how it goes.  In the meantime, I'm up for a rock show outside somewhere soon around here.

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