We have a lot of sunshine in our forecast, but is all this sun really good for us? If exposure is done in moderation, it can be very helpful to the body.
Both light and darkness have an effect on hormones that are in your brain. Sunlight is said to release serotonin in the brain which helps you feel more calm and focused. Darkness releases another hormone called melatonin and this can help you sleep.

So basically without some exposure to the sun, your serotonin levels can drop and hence you won't feel as good. How much sun is enough to keep a good balance of serotonin? Getting anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes a day of sunlight exposure on your retina, arms, hands and face two or three times a week is enough to get the serotonin you need and get vitamin D that the sun provides.

Thanks to the sun, Vitamin D plays a big role in bone health but also can provide under the recommended exposure can help heal skin conditions like acne, eczema jaundice and psoriasis.

Some studies have shown that different types of arthritis can benefit from small amounts of sunlight.

Now be careful when getting your skin exposed to the rays of the sun. If you have light skin like me, stick to the 5 to 15 minutes of sun but if you have darker skin you can go a little longer then its time for the sunscreen if spend anymore time out in the sun.

So there are lots of benefits from the sun, you just have to use it wisely. So get out and enjoy the sunshine, its good for your body, your mind, your skin and your health and the best part is, its free.

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