It was a tragic end to what should have been a fun filled weekend at the Faster Horses Music Festival for a group of friends.

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Three young men, that had been friends since high school, passed away after exposure to carbon monoxide while they were attending Faster Horses Music Festival in Brooklyn, Michigan, last weekend. They young men, Kole Sova, Dawson Brown, and Richie Mays were all found dead inside their travel trailer on Saturday. Their two other friends were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Although a  GoFundMe for the men has already been set up, and has  raised nearly $60,000 so far, one of the major headliners of the 3 day festival is stepping-up to do more for the families of those lost.

According to WOOD.TV in Grand Rapids, country music super star Luke Combs is offering to pay for the funeral expenses of all three young men. A publicist for Combs confirmed that he had paid for the funerals, but said  indicated that Combs did not wish to provide any further comment.

Combs closed out the first night of the festival held each year at Michigan International Speedway. In a special twist, both the mother of Kole Sova and Richie Mays happen to be with their sons watching Combs perform that night. Meeka Sova commented to Mlive on the special night she shared with her son, and the generosity of Combs saying,

“They were kind of right next to us, so we weren’t cramping their style, but we experienced Luke Combs together, Meeka Sova said. “It’s just so surreal. It’s like, holy moly. For him to do that - I mean he doesn’t know our boys - there’s so many people there to watch him." She went on to say, “For him to reach out and do that, I don’t even have the words. I wish I could just give him a hug. Right now, through this hard time, it’s hard to come up with words, but the hugs are what we feel. We definitely feel that awesome gesture.”

A 30-year-old woman was also found dead early Saturday morning on the festival grounds in an unrelated incident. That death is still under investigation.

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