The Portage Creek dam in Milham Park was, yes was, in place for almost a hundred years. Like the saying goes, "oh, the stories it could tell". And here's the strange part. You read some of the stories about the demolition and you come away with more questions than answers. The city officials say that they talked to historians and others and nobody know why it was built in the first place. But, they determined several years back that it was in bad shape and should be removed.  Then, maybe it's a fair question to ask, if you can spend close to a half million dollars to get rid of it, why not toss in a few more dollars and fix the thing?

The last couple of years have been tough. Seems like many of the things we were used to, are gone, closed, out of business, you pick the words. and now, the latest thing to join that list is the Milham Park dam and waterfall. The removal helps Portage Creek, and pro-fish activists say it will make for happier fish.

But, like it or not, this was maybe the most scenic part of Kalamazoo, and for whatever the reason, good or bad, it's gone. But Milham Park has taken it share of hits and survived. Did you know Milham Park had a water wheel house? And it had a great play area, too, with rocket-shaped slides to climb and go down. But the biggest thing was the zoo. Yes, a zoo at Milham Park; with a choo-choo train.

Milham Park is a good metaphor for life. Years ago, it had a zoo and a train. That's gone. Up until days ago, it had a dam and waterfall. How many senior picture sessions in the last twenty or more years were taken there? Or, even more so, how many simple romantic hand in hand walks? Or, simply sitting and watching the waterfall on an idle Thursday afternoon. Draw your own conclusions on if it's all better now. It still has a golf course. For now.

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