One of the most iconic scenes in any Christmas movie, and one of the most quoted without a doubt, is in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation when Cousin Eddie is standing outside with a hose leading from his RV and draining the septic into the sewer.

In a moment he catches Clark staring at them and tells him that the “sh*tter was full.”
It’s funny if you’re just watching it at home but actually seeing and dealing with it in person can be a whole Nother story and that’s apparently what happened at Miller Park in Kalamazoo on Monday when sources say that somebody drained their sh*tter all over Milham Park.
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The City of Kalamazoo released a statement after people had been making complaints of a rotten stench emanating from the park:
The City personnel responded to complaints of a strong odor at Milham Park on Monday May 22, 2023. The source of the odor was determined to be from a release of raw sewage from a RV camper based upon eyewitness reports. The public is reminded that the unauthorized dumping of human waste is unlawful and a threat to human health. Disposal of RV camper waste should be done properly at authorized disposal locations.
There’s no word as of now where the septic sewage was released, but one thing is for sure, if you see mud over there, I would play it safe and avoid it, even if you do have your cruddy shoes on. You know what they say, "Better safe than sharty..."

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