As the weather gets warmer, holidays began to roll around, and the sun begins to shine longer into the night the more we want to be outside. Naturally this is the time of year where we spend tons of time with friends and family, attending outdoor events or participating in outdoor activities. One of the most popular activities that occurs in the summer time are Cookouts/Barbecues.

Friends, Family, significant others, and acquittances will gather at someone's home, a park, or some other outdoor or indoor venue to celebrate something or simply to just enjoy each others company. They will bring food, drinks, desserts, games for the kids and adults, music, and good vibes to wherever they may be. Now the question is, where are the best places to get together for a cookout in Kalamazoo.

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Milham Park

Milham park may be one of the most obvious choices for this, as they have multiple pavilions with charcoal grills, a creek that is filled with geese, fish, frogs, and other water species, multiple playgrounds, swings, and slides. They also have many different bridges and walking paths to explore, along with tons of open grass space to do as you please with, and multiple backstops to play baseball/softball type games. There is also the Milham Park Golf Course that is available for you to play a round at as well.

Oshtemo Park

This park is technically outside of Kalamazoo City limits, but with Oshtemo being  not even 5 minutes down the road and has plenty to offer. There are tons of walking trails and nature to indulge in, along these trails is an 18-hole disc golf course. There are also multiple pavilions with charcoal grills, a small backstop used mostly for wiffleball, a basketball court, and a playground with swings as well.

Ramona Park

Ramona Park is another that's not technically in Kalamazoo city limits, but with Portage being so close we are mostly one in the same. Ramona offers something that the previous two parks had not offered before. Ramona has lake access for swimmers and sun bathers, plus they have basketball, volleyball, tennis, and pickleball courts along with open field space. They have multiple pavilions with charcoal grills, playgrounds, swings, and even a couple of backstops.

Westfield Park

Westfield is another park that is located in Portage that offers great amenities to the cookout function. With this park being located in the middle of neighborhood, the design is much different. This is a longer more narrow park, but still provides multiple pavilions with charcoal grills, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and pickleball courts. There are also multiple backstops and even soccer nets have been placed in one of the open fields. Outside of not having any water. this is the perfect place to let the kids run around on a summer day.

Markin Glen Park

Last but certainly not least, Markin Glen Park is within the Kalamazoo city limits and has plenty to offer its attendees. First off, this is also a campground, so you can bring your RV's, campers, and tents out to spend some time in the wilderness if you like. They also have a small lake with swimming access, many pavilions spread out on the grounds with charcoal grills, there is volleyball and basketball courts along with open space to run around in as well.

Obviously, this is only a very small sample size of all the places that you could have a banger cookout at in Kalamazoo. I only listed 5 and I could easily list another 15-20 in a matter of a few minutes. There are tons of places to gather with your friends, family, and other loved ones to have an amazing time together with good food. Get out to one of these parks and enjoy the warm weather and holidays.

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