Those who live around Marcellus and Lawton are likely very familiar with a certain stretch of County Road 352. Passing through a mud bog, the road often becomes impassable

A caution was recently shared to the Road Reports 94 - 131 Kalamazoo Battle Creek Grand Rapids St Joseph Facebook group:

It’s all soupy mud!

Please Do Not Attempt to Cross This!
I could have been stuck here! By the grace of God, I made it safely across!
CR 352 east of M-40–You’ve been warned!

And if you've tried that road, you know the results can be rough as commenters shared in the group:

It was closed for at least two years guess the fix they did didn’t work....

Most every spring.

and lasts through almost the whole summer. This used to be a quick way home for me, now I seldom got this way.

It is horrible and you will get stuck or worse - slide off into the swamp The temporary fix didnt even last long

yesterday I did get across, stupid decision, I felt my wheels being pulled back and forth... won’t see me on there again!

I went on Sunday and I was instantly sorry. There was no stopping or turning back. Guardian angels saw us across safely and I vowed to just take the old detour route until summer.

The comment I enjoyed the most was someone who remarked that Google Maps wouldn't even cross. I checked Street View, and, yes the road is marked as closed - and there's a gap in the map where the Google did not pass. Although it does seem like locals do dare at times despite a barrier and detour route. We don't advise that - follow all posted detours to save yourself and your ride.

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