Just as people have slowly begun getting their lives back to almost normal, let's not forget that COVID-19 is still around and we may need a 4th vaccination.

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Masks Slowly Going Away

It was in late February when I finally stopped wearing a mask where ever I go. The past 10 days have felt the most normal since before the pandemic. Sure along the way, there were moments of seeing family and a few friends but even then I was still leary and cautious.

Last week was my first time in sold-out venues with thousands of people and it felt good and the most normal I have felt in nearly two years.

Michele Ursi/ThinkStock/GettyStock
Michele Ursi/ThinkStock/GettyStock

Vaccination Cards and Negative Tests


Last fall I saw Judas Priest at Van Andel Arena and ticket sales were really low because most people were not ready to be around that many people indoors. Plus the omicron variant was running wild and we were approaching cold season.

I had to show my vaccination card to enter the arena, wore a mask at the show, and sat in an area there were no other people. I enjoyed the show but in the back of my mind, did I take too much of a chance. I didn't feel that way but at the same time, it was in the back of my mind.

In October I went to the GLC Live at 20 Monroe to see Badflower. The venue is smaller and people were crammed in closer together and I thought I hope I don't catch the new variant because I was leaving to go bear hunting in the Upper Peninsula the next day.

I recently saw Ghost and Volbeat at Van Andel Arena and they checked my vaccination card before I entered but this time I wasn't wearing a mask. People seemed more energetic at this show and it was nice to see people smile again.

Last week I saw Tool at Van Andel Arena, Greta Van Fleet at Wings Event Center, and at the DeltaPlex, and all three of these shows were sold out. This meant there were more lines for entry, food, restrooms and we would all be cramped in together. I didn't need to show my vax card at any of these venues, I didn't wear a mask and this by far was the most normal I had seen humans behave since late February of 2020. What was wild is this was the first time I kind of forgot there is still a pandemic going on.

Sticker for Covid-19 Certificate QR-Code control. Vector sign.
Almagami/Getty Images/iStockphoto

COVID-19 is Not Over

As much as I have enjoyed feeling almost normal again, I would be a fool to think that COVID-19 is over because it is not. Unless another variant gets active soon I hope that we are all in a good place at least until next fall when the cold and flu season begins.

We all may want to get used to cold and flu season meaning COVID-19 season as well. Like the flu, COVID-19 will be part of the new norm.

Dorisj/Getty Images
Dorisj/Getty Images

4th COVID-19 Vaccination

Yes, we are living in the new Normal and much like getting the flu vaccine and wearing a mask when new variants occur or in the fall when cold season begins, until scientists do more research this is how it's going to be.

According to FOX 17, fully vaccinated people will soon need to get the 4th vaccination. Scientists believe this is the pathway to fighting future variants and returning to normal life as we knew it.

Scientists are looking at a possible omicron-specific vaccine while others are looking at a vaccine that will cover all variants. Either way, another dose will be needed to keep us all on the right path of either living with or eradicating the virus.

Olena Hololobova
Olena Hololobova

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