There's just something about consuming something that was created in your home state that makes it taste better, right? Especially, when it actually tastes good.

Michigan has a long list of products proudly made in the state. Things like Vernors, Better Made chips, and Sanders candy for example. And, for the adults, there are a number of distilleries throughout the state offering Michigan-made whiskey, vodka, and now, an award-winning tequila thanks to Anteel Tequila.

About Anteel Tequila

Anteel Tequila was founded in 2018 by husband/wife duo Don Ferguson (CEO/Co-founder) and Nayana Ferguson (COO/Co-founder) of Detroit. The brand is already responsible for a few "firsts" like how they're the world's only tequila brand offering a Coconut Lime Blanco Tequila.

As well, Nayana is the first Black woman to co-found and co-own a tequila company. Not only that, she's a breast and pancreatic cancer survivor. On their website she says,

As Pancreatic Cancer and Breast Cancer survivor, I need to watch what I am putting into my body.  For me, tequila is a spirit that I can drink without too many aftereffects, as long as I don’t add anything else.

Which is said to be the inspiration behind the very unique Coconut Lime Blanco Tequila. The flavor acts as an entire drink so no other sugars or flavors need to be added.

Don, on the other hand, is a former Detroit indie record owner and entrepreneur. He found such a love and passion for tequila that he eventually followed that passion away from his "corporate America" job to found Anteel Tequila.

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Their four kinds of tequila include Blanco, Reposado, the above-mentioned Coconut Lime Blanco, and a new Blood Orange Blanco. So far, according to their Facebook page, Anteel Tequila has already, " won nearly 30 awards & accolades since 2019."

Where Can I Find Anteel Tequila?

Since this brand was founded in Detroit, most of the stores carrying the brand are centralized on the East coast of Michigan.

However, the brand is expanding. They currently ship to about 6 states and it wouldn't be surprising to see the brand carried by Michigan bars that like to focus on locally-made products.

If you can't find Anteel Tequila in your local stores or bars, contact Anteel Tequila on social media or on their website. Oh, and if you need some festive cocktail ideas, you can also find Anteel Tequila on Youtube. Here they are giving a few ideas for Halloween:

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