Unexpectedly running into a statue late at night can be unnerving...even in broad daylight it can startle anyone...the "crack the whip" statue in Sunset Hills Cemetery in Flint has creeped out many people day AND night.

But why? It may have something to do with the cold icy stares of the children...or the rumor that something bad will happen to anyone who.....well, read below.

According to Facebook's "Haunted History" page, the bronze statue is made up of eight children playing "crack the whip"...and the little girl on the end evidently lost her shoe, which lies a few feet behind her. The legend says that anyone who attempts to put their foot in the shoe - and it fits - will experience something bad...possibly even fatal.

So what's the story that kicked off this legend?

Supposedly, some children from the area were playing 'crack the whip' when the little girl at the end of the 'whip' lost her grip and was thrown into oncoming traffic where she was hit by a vehicle and died. Since then, people claim to have heard moans coming from the direction of the statue as well as the sounds of children giggling and playing. The statue was donated by the girl's grandfather in honor of her memory.

The photo gallery below shows you where this place is and the location of the "crack the whip" bronze statue.

The cemetery has other statues found within, and can unnerve you if you aren't prepared to run into 'em...some will fool you to think they are real people.

Sunset Hills cemetery is located at 4413 Flushing Road in Flint. And as always, be respectful when exploring or visiting any cemetery and respect closing times...otherwise, you won't need to put your foot in the little girl's shoe for something bad to happen.....

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