Breadsticks are a staple that accompany many different dishes, but they are also so good all on their own too. When Dax Shepard a Michigan native comes back to visit his family, he has to hit up one of his favorite restaurants to go get him some breadsticks. According to Dax Shepard best breadsticks in Michigan, actually the planet is at Highland House in Highland Michigan.

I can back up Dax and say with 100 percent certainty that Highland House does in fact have the best breadsticks in Michigan, and possibly the planet too. Dax Shepard also claimed the Greek Salad was the best on the planet too. He may be right, but I am a total "Carbie" so I cannot confirm.

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All About The Breadsticks

Now I know some of you may be thinking, a breadstick is a breadstick. However, not all breadsticks are created equally. So of course I had to find out what all the hype was about. I had to see if the breadsticks at the Highland House were baked golden to absolute perfection, coated in a buttery salty glaze, with light garlic like everyone says. Rumor was, the moment they hit your lips you will know you are tasting something different, something wonderful, something that seems to come from the Heavens above.

It turns out their breadsticks are really good. There was one thing though that Dax totally skipped out on, which may be the most important addition. If you really want to go over the top you can order the cheese dip to go with the breadsticks, which had a very unique flavor. When the warm breadstick hits the thick cheese dip, it just melted. My description of this experience will not do it justice, so I will not even try.

Where Else To Go?

Now that I have your interest peaked, you have to be wondering "How can I get my hands on Dax Shepard’s pick for best breadsticks?" The interesting fact is you can go to more than just the Highland House in Highland, Michigan. Highland House is in a group of restaurants that all serve the same breadsticks.

You can also go to Tomato Brothers in Howell Michigan. The trip by car to Howell from Kalamazoo is roughly an hour and a half, while the trip from Battle Creek is even better at only roughly an hour and fifteen minutes.

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