ESPN has released some news that confirms Derek Jeter's place amongst sports world's pantheon. The World-Wide Leader says it's putting together a multi-part documentary that had ESPN's PR Department in hyper-drive describing the project as,

one "that will tell the story of one of the greatest icons in modern sports and reveal the man behind the icon. Derek Jeter’s arrival with the New York Yankees helped transform a struggling franchise into a storied dynasty, all within a time of great change in New York City. As Jeter forged a Hall of Fame career, he established himself as the model Yankee both on- and off-the field, with his style, class, and charisma." - ESPN PR

What's interesting is Jeter okaying this. He's a notoriously private person. Allowing a peek behind the curtain is quite a move.

But here's a question that probably most locals have: Are they going to mention Kalamazoo? Are they sending a camera crew?

I'd hope so. They don't have to spend an entire episode on it, interviewing fellow KC students or anything like that, but ESPN is big on "Origins", and Kalamazoo and the likes of coaches like Don Zomer had a part in the person who became known in New York as "The Captain." And there's plenty to show, from the ball fields that Jeter has recently provided funding to be rehabbed, to some of the work of Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation. Simply a drive down Cumberland will show you how normal his beginnings were.

Given Jeter's aversion to publicity and his reputation, it pretty clear this isn't  a "The Last Dance" type documentary. These are totally different people and personalities, Michael Jeffrey Jordan and Derek Sanderson Jeter. We all knew Jordan wasn't the easiest teammate to be around. Jeter's reputation is that of a much more quiet, but no less effective, leader.

One interesting side-note is one of the executive producers is filmmaker Spike Lee. Look for "The Captain" sometime next year.

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