When did Derek Jeter go from being a cool athlete to being a dad? That's what I thought of when I saw his "big" announcement that he's joining Instagram. Watch it for yourself.

I know being on social media is good for business, and Jeter's Players Tribune retweeted the "news", but listening to it, it's like me announcing the same thing, minus the charisma. That's what jumps out at you. Jeter is so relaxed and friendly-looking, and he's extremely likable.

"What’s up everyone I’m about to start a busy summer so I thought hey why not add a little more craziness and dive right in here now what all will I be posting. I guess time will tell but I am looking forward to sharing with you some of the projects I have on the way...I will give you a taste of what makes Miami home. I’m (going to) highlight the really special work we’re doing at the turn 2 foundation and more. But take it easy on me, I'm new to this." - Derek Jeter on Instagram.

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So I guess this means he's not moving back to Kalamazoo anytime soon, but a lot of retirees end up in Florida, so that's not surprising. On a serious note, he does mention the Turn2 Foundation, which has ties to and is active in Kalamazoo along with Jeter's Leaders, too. And there's the baseball-softball complex at Kalamazoo Central, too.

By the way, Jeter's wife, Hannah thinks it's all hilarious. She shared an adorable photo of Derek from his Kalamazoo days. "It’s never too late to be an influencer. You got this babe @derekjeter,”

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