Did you notice anything that seemed a little out-of-the-ordinary while watching the Lions host the Dallas Cowboys in Detroit yesterday? If you did, you saw something that hasn't happened in nearly fifty years and has happened only three times in team history.

The Lions took the field and played the game wearing their white uniforms at home. According to SportsLogos.net, the last time Detroit wore white uniforms at home before Sunday's game was a Thanksgiving day match-up with the Oakland Raiders in 1970. They wore white one other time at home against the Green Bay Packers in 1961.

The Lion's traditional home uniforms are blue jerseys and silver pants and on the road, it's white uniforms with silver pants. But in recent years there have been some different color combinations. The team introduced their silver 'Color Rush' jerseys and have worn them a handful of times, both on the road and at home.

Carolina Panthers v Detroit Lions
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They also have occasionally worn blue uniforms and blue pants for a Honolulu blue version of the 'Color Rush'. Sometimes they wear white uniforms with blue pants on the road. This was the look they chose to go with on Sunday at Ford Field for the rare uniform choice.

So, why did they do it? Well, there isn't any clear reason given. One theory suggests that they did this to force the Dallas Cowboys to wear what they call their "unlucky" dark blue uniforms, which has happened a lot this season. But they could have accomplished this by wearing the silver Color Rush outfit.

Who knows? Maybe they just wanted to try something unique. Or perhaps someone forgot to do the laundry.

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