No one wants to get locked up and spend the night in jail unless it's at Detroit's first-ever prison cocktail bar.

There's a prison-themed cocktail bar that's coming for a limited time to a secret location in the Detroit area next month.

According to Explore Hidden, you'll join fellow inmates for an evening filled with bottomless cocktails and a super-secret prison-inspired menu. But if you want those cocktails, you're going to have to work for them and smuggle them pass the Warden.

You definitely don't want to wear your finest suit or dinner dress because regardless of what you wear, you're going to end up in an orange jumpsuit anyway. One will be provided for you upon arrival but must be returned after your prison stay. The other thing that will be provided is a frighteningly realistic jail cell.

I love themed bars especially this one because it comes with themed entertainment and a chance to win some prison goodies.

Alcotraz: Detroit's First Cocktail Bar will be open throughout the month of April. Unfortunately, tickets for the unique event are no longer available but you might be able to get on a waiting list in case something opens up. You can send an email to

Hidden is a discovery platform, that offers all the best virtual and live experiences in over 30 cities around the world including Detroit.

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If you're bummed that you can't spend the night behind bars sucking down your favorite cocktails, don't worry, they have other options in the Detroit area:

There's a bunch of fun experiences and events to check out.

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