Spring Training is in progress in Florida for the Detroit Tigers and three players recently played a prank on their new manager, Ron Gardenhire.  Their prank jerseys are now up for bid for a good cause.

According to Auctions MLB,  the three players jerseys that were part of the prank are now up for auction.

The story from the Tigers is the prank started when Gardenhire mentioned that he would call players "Buddy" since he is learning the players names.

Pitchers Jordan Zimmerman, Michael Fulmer and Alex Wilson decided at the first team workout that they would wear the name "Buddy" on the back of their jerseys.

The prank got some laughs and now the jerseys from the prank are being auctioned off with each player signing their own jersey along with Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire.   The jerseys will be auctioned off for favorite charities of the three players.

I'm curious to see if Ron Gardenhire tries to get them back.

You can check out the three jerseys at auction.mlb.

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