I know, I know it's not even Halloween yet and we shouldn't be talking about Christmas yet but, hey, I don't have my Christmas lights up yet so there's that!  I guess the first question should be: Do we need a Santa School?  Well after finding out more about it I'd have to say yes.  There's a lot more to consider other than the beard and the outfit.

There's an article on ourmidland.com and not only does Michigan have a Santa School but it's been around for 82 years!  It's in Midland, MI and Santas come from all over the world. So with 82 days till Christmas, why not get a little Chris Kringle education.  The basic reason I think justifies a school is so all the Santas know all the answers to all the questions.  Like: "How do you fit down the chimney?".  "How do you visit all the houses in one night?"  And "How do you see me when I'm sleeping?"  it's only reasonable to expect the same answers to all the questions right?  Get more information on Santa School by clicking HERE.


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