Wheel of Fortune has been playing on syndicated television safely and without controversy in the early evening hours for decades. To date, there are over 7,000 episode. So perhaps an incident like the one that occurred last night was bound to happen. It was only matter of time.

Last night one of the many puzzles on the show contained this eye-opening (and eyebrow-raising) solution: “Brushing Up On My Italian Sausage”:

Now, this was one of Wheel of Fortune’s frequent “Before & After” puzzles, where two different phrases are joined into a single phrase. So for example you might have “National Football League” and “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” become “National Football League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.”

In this case you had “Brushing Up On My Italian” — a totally chill and normal thing — and “Italian Sausage” — another wholesome, non-alarming concept. But together they become “Brushing Up On My Italian Sausage.” Which, when you put it that way, is ... vaguely ... uh ... suggestive.

Twitter definitely took notice:

Maybe this was just Wheel of Fortune’s unique way of celebrating the Valentine’s Day holiday early? Whatever it was, it was strange, and also we liked it and we hope the Before & After puzzles are nothing but weirdly suggestive phrases moving forward. They make the whole game way more fun. Would you like to buy a vowel, indeed.

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