Everybody loves vintage, right? Especially when it's brand-new! Does that make sense?

There has been some weird stuff for sale online during the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, it was a turkey sandwich...

Screenshot via Flint BUY SELL TRADE

...which was swiftly deleted, I'm assuming, because the seller couldn't resist its deliciousness.

And now, may I present to you...a vintage double crapper. Yes, that's what they're calling it.

Facebook user Russ Bonk (who, despite a barren profile, appears to be a real person) posted a unique item on the Flint BUY SELL TRADE FB page - a "double crapper out house."

Russ Bonk via Facebook FLINT BUY SELL TRADE

The post says, "Never used,double seat (his and hers) out house. Made with 100 year old wood. Built very sturdy."

Russ Bonk via Facebook FLINT BUY SELL TRADE

Yep, you're seeing that correctly - his and hers, so you can do your doody...er, duty...together.

Russ Bonk via Facebook FLINT BUY SELL TRADE

The price is a mere $550. I mean, it's brand new and made with 100-year-old wood! Did I mention that it's brand new? Because who would actually buy a used outhouse?

If you're interested, you can view the post on FB marketplace HERE.

Not gonna lie - I don't think that I could drop a deuce next to my husband. It's bad enough when he's standing outside the loo while I'm taking care of business; he automatically makes fun of me. Can you imagine being RIGHT NEXT to your significant other? That's like the Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle battle sh*** scene! If you're not familiar with this concept, click HERE.

All jokes aside, if you do sink your money into this gem, we suggest some cute decor for inside, like this:

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