Michigan health officials have issued a warning to everyone that might be near the water over Memorial Weekend.

The MDHHS, and DNR have issued a warning about lake and river foam. They are asking everyone to steer clear of any foam they may come across. This is due to the presence of PFAS chemicals that might be in the foam. PFAS chemicals have become an extremely dangerous topic in Michigan in recent years as health officials find out more about them.

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If you're not familiar with that PFAS are exactly, they are a family of chemicals that are usually found in fire fighting substances. They have also been linked to waterproofing materials as well.

Michigan has had PFAS contamination problems in almost every part of the state, and cleaning them up has proved to be extremely difficult. The PFAS chemicals can cause extreme health issues if they are ingested or make contact with the skin. Many officials worry that PFAS chemical contamination has already reached drinking water supplies in multiple locations.

The recommendation is to steer clear of any foamy water areas, and if you do come in contact with the foam, you should wash your skin immediately.

The warning is being issued now because of all of the people that will be traveling for the holiday weekend, but it does not stop this weekend. This is a standing warning for people in Michigan for the foreseeable future.

You can read more about what the MDHHS and DNR are doing about the PFAS problem in Michigan here.

Make sure that you are talking to your kids about the problems with the foam as well. I remember as a kid looking for the foam and playing in it because we didn't know any better. It doesn't look dangerous to a kid playing in the water, but we need to make sure they understand that it is not safe.


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