This news is going to bring back memories from several years ago, when PFAS was top of mind for a lot of people living in the Kalamazoo area. While that situation is not in the news right now, if you live in Parchment and/or in Cooper Township in Kalamazoo, there's a study beginning that might be worthwhile for you to enroll and participating in. (They're paying some participants) as the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is doing a nationwide PFAS Multi-site Study (MSS).

“Participating in this study will help contribute to nationwide efforts to learn more about PFAS and health. Study results will guide decisions to better protect public health, including community members exposed to PFAS across the country.” - Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, chief medical executive and chief deputy for heath for the state of Michigan.

What they're looking for is men and women who are age 18 and older and children ages 4 through 17 (with parent or guardian permission). You'll have to provide blood and urine samples, as well as tell the researchers your medical histories. But, in return, you'll get up to $75 in gift cards for giving that information.

There's also a secondary study: it's a Birth Outcomes Supplemental Study (BOSS), in which the researchers are looking to learn more about PFAS exposure and the health of newborns and their mothers.

Here's the link to where you get started.

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