Remember the good old days of drinking out of the hose on a hot summer day? Or taking for granted a quick trip to the sink for a clean glass of water? What you're looking at, folks, is a water filter pulled from a reverse osmosis water filtration system owned by Otsego man, Joseph Mcillwain. Posted to his Facebook page, Mcillwain stated, quote:

This is why we use a reverse osmosis water filter even though we have city water. The water quality here in Otsego is horrendous. PFAS, PCB’s and heavy metals anyone? 😂 That filter was in use for 3 months😬

We have seen several reports of water issues in different parts of Michigan over the last few years and people seem to be on edge, as you would expect when you hear about PFAS and other contaminants. However, there is no confirmation about what is going on with this man's filter, and the city of Otsego says they do not have PCBs nor PFAS.

Bonus Video: PFAS, explained

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