This is an issue that I've been aware of since we arrived in Michigan almost exactly 29 years ago.  I can remember being on I 69 in Indiana and crossing into Michigan only to find that this was one of the worst stretches of highway that we've ever been on.  What a great way to be welcomed to Michigan.  Since then the debate has raged without much getting accomplished.  Now,  new Governor Whitmere wants to deliver on a campaign promise and the means to an end looks a little pricey.

According to a report on, a group of ex-legislators say Michigan's gas tax should be increased by 47 cents over nine years to pay for crumbling roads.  Wow!  47 cents?  I realize that gas prices are at a comfortable low but nearly 50 cents a gallon?  I'm not suggesting we go the toll road route but maybe keeping the gas tax at a reasonable rate and increasing the tourism tax a bit to supplement.  Let's face it, the gas tax will effect more residents but the tourism tax will be shouldered by the non residents.  What do you think?