Are you like me wondering where all the money is going that's supposed to be earmarked to fix our roads?  Every year spring arrives and so do the potholes and I think why can't the roads be better in the first place instead of crumbling every winter.  Oh well, at least we get the potholes fixed but we don't.  So where's the money for that?  Once again our government lets us down and we have to seek alternative solutions while our tax dollars are spent on things we no nothing about.

Turns out there's a company out there that wants to come to us and fix our potholes and believe it or not it's Domino's Pizza!  According to USA Today, Domino's announced a plan to drive around the country and fix potholes.  They're saying it's a way to make a smoother ride for their delivery people and those of us who carry-out.  And how about this, they have their own paving crews and are looking to America to nominate their cities.  If you want to nominate go to  Check out the rest of the story by clicking HERE.

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