According to a statement by an officer on the scene of an animal hoarding situation in Van Buren County, "Just even coming up to the home, several hundred feet away, the smell of ammonia from the dogs, animals feces, urine, and smell was outrageous... The inside of the home had a minimum of an inch of animal waste throughout the entire home."

More than 100 dogs were removed from the property.

If it hadn't been for a concerned woman who visited the house with expectations to adopt a puppy, who knows how much longer these animals were forced to live in such conditions.

The residents of the property, Melissa Copen and Donald Smith, have been charged with animal cruelty.

Obviously this is a huge undertaking for law enforcement and animal advocates, alike.  The Van Buren County Sheriff's Department is asking for donations of puppy food, toys, and training pads.  You can drop off all donated items here.

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