They're calling it the "at home jam." Tonight at 7 o'clock, open your door, crank up your speakers and sing along to Journey's classic Don't Stop Believin.'

Inspired by the balcony singers in Italy, Kalamazoo is getting its own sing along to boost community spirit. Organized on Facebook, her's what the planners had in mind:

We are all enduring a difficult time, but we are in this together. Let’s hang out from our windows, our porches, our lawns, or wherever you are sheltering in place.
We will be singing 🎤 and cranking up our speakers to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” at 7:00pm the song will be playing on FM 102.5, 106.5, 107.7, and 103.3.

Let’s put a smile on each other faces, display some love to our neighbors, and continue being Kzoo Strong.

Please share join and share. We are in this together. 🔊

Get our app and sing it loud and proud tonight. Send us your cell phone video too- we just might play it on the radio. Stay strong, Kalamazoo and don't stop believin'.

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