Here's one that peaks my curiosity...The Dorsey House restaurant near Port Huron.

The building was constructed in 1847 as served as a stagecoach stop/halfway house for travelers. The original building was unfortunately demolished in 1995 to make way for a newer version of the Dorsey House Restaurant.

As for the haunting, you can blame it on a ghost they've named Ira. The legend says Ira, who was a violent man to begin with, was killed in a fight out in the parking lot and ever since has caused paranormal occurrences in the restaurant.

Doors open & close, faucets turn on & off, a ghostly figure has been seen in different sections of the building, bizarre lights, weird mists, and toilets flush by themselves.

Aside from the ghost and his poltergeist antics, the Dorsey is a cool place to visit. Check it out and ask the owner about good ol' Ira, and what he's been up to lately...

Dorsey House is located at 6008 Beard Road, corner of Beard & Wildcat Road, Clyde Township, St. Clair County, eleven miles northwest of Port Huron.


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