I hate to sound like a broken record but, as I've been saying, I don't believe that most people realize how different things will be in the weeks and months to come.  I mean, lets get away from restaurants for a second and talk about when the last time you shook someone's hand or gave them a hug?

Just yesterday, one of my buddies said he can't wait to give me a "man hug".  I for one am more concerned with the lack and change of social interaction and how it may affect us long-term.  Hopefully, the talk of a vaccine by the first of next year isn't just talk.

Things are starting to add up already and we haven't even gotten to the businesses that are our major employers and how they will be affected down the line.  We're facing tremendous unemployment now and I realize a lot will come back with the re-start but what happens if it went too long and more cuts have to be made.

So far many of the businesses that will not make it back were already struggling.  But now we find out that Hop Cat, one of the mainstays in downtown Kalamazoo, is in trouble.  Thankfully, there may be some hope as the parent company is filing for bankruptcy which may allow the Kalamazoo location to stay open.

As it stands, Hop Cat in downtown Kalamazoo is scheduled to open on June 13th.  Here's where we can make a difference.  We can go out to theses places we love and help them recover.  Otherwise where am I supposed to get those pretzel bite things!  Hey!  You can have all the crack fries you want.

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