The big screen will go dark at the Capri Drive In of Coldwater after Halloween weekend.

Seeing a movie at the drive in a is something that is usually on a good Michigan summer bucket list. If you haven't crossed it off yours yet, you can still get it done, but you've got to hurry.

Just as the opening of the Capri Drive In is always an exciting rite of spring, at some point it's time to shutter up the snack bar and turn off the projector for the long winter hibernation.

The 2019 season will run through November 1st and 2nd. Michigan forecasts being what they are, you may end up using the car defroster for a different reason than you might usually expect. Just one more chance to get there before the owners flee to warmer climates to recharge and regroup for another season of a unique movie tradition that is still a part of Michigan summers.

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