Watch the touching moment a Michigan student finds out she's Valedictorian while working at a Culver's drive-thru.

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In a heartwarming video circulating on social media, Michelle Floering — an educator at Grand Traverse Academy in Traverse City, Michigan — surprises high school senior Kaitlyn Watson by visiting the drive-thru window where she works. As many restaurants are still open for takeout amid the ongoing pandemic, Floering use the unique opportunity to share the huge announcement.

From People magazine to CBS this video has touched the hearts of people all over the world.  Check out the video from CBS News below.

Congratulations Kaitlyn Watson and kudos to the administration at Grand Traverse Academy in Traverse City, Michigan for giving us all a bright spot in our day during these otherwise dark time.  We can't get enough good news like this.  Please keep it coming.

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