Two brand new Launch Trampoline Parks recently opened in Michigan including locations in Novi and Ann Arbor. The Ann Arbor location was the most recent to open which brings the total to six in Michigan.

Launch Trampoline Parks are known for multiple attractions including trampoline courts, dodgeball, indoor mountain rock wall, battle pits for joisting, laser tag, and Krave pizza.

According to MLive, the new Launch will eventually feature an arcade, ninja course, and more.

Where is Launch Trampoline Located in Ann Arbor?

Launch Trampoline Park in Ann Arbor is located at 800 Eisenhower Pkwy. It sits in the former AirTime Trampoline & Game Park. While they are currently opened, they're still in the process of turning it into a full family entertainment center.

Rob Arnold, Launch co-founder and CEO:

Launching our fourth corporate location helps to expand our footprint in the Midwest specifically in Michigan. I’ve always admired AirTime’s commitment to the family entertainment industry and the Ann Arbor community. This acquisition will not only provide strategic advantages to our franchise, but it will also bring innovative and exhilarating experiences for the local communities we are ready to serve.

I think the dodgeball addition is the coolest feature at Launch not only because, well, it's dodgeball but because they also offer glow dodgeball. I played glow dodgeball while I was in Florida recently and it was an absolute blast. However, I do believe Launch Trampoline is geared more towards families and kids, I highly doubt they want a bunch of buzzed up adults whipping dodgeballs at one another. That sure sounds like fun though, doesn't it?

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