In case you didn't know which is Kalamazoo's first Brew Pub, it's Olde Peninsula on the corner of Michigan & Portage downtown Kalamazoo which opened back in 1996.  Since then, brew pubs sprouted up all over our area and around the world.  Who knew the brewery/restaurant combination would be so successful in Michigan?  That brings up the question about the very first Brew Pub and what the owners were thinking and what they expected.

Well if you want to find out you'll have to head East to the Motor City area where you'll find the very first Brew Pub to open in the State of Michigan.  At 511 W. Canfield St. in Detroit you'll find The Traffic Jam & Snug Restaurant.  According to,  the restaurant itself opened in 1965 and became Michigan's first Brew Pub in 1992.  There's even an on-site bakery.  To say it's got a quirky vibe going on is putting it mildly.  It looks like there are several decor choices from all over the world and the menu exemplifies that as well.  Check out more by clicking HERE.





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