The trend of "Fairy Gardens" began surfacing around 2014, if I remember correctly. Basically, they're miniature gardens that are, "filled with magic" according to a 2016 article from House Beautiful. They can include everything from tiny houses, tiny bridges, tiny ponds, tiny animals...whatever you'd like.

If you'd like to see one in person, then head on over to Vicksburg where they're popping up all over town.

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A recent Facebook post from the page, Welcome to Fairyville, shows off at least 20 of these fairy gardens that have been placed in various spots across Vicksburg. The post goes on to say,

20 week's end there will be 50! Can I stop you from taking them!!?? No, but please don't. I took a break from this last year but the year before, these posts were reaching about 15,000 ppl. Please ignore the temptation to take them and leave them for others to enjoy.

You can see the full post here.

The original poster was kind enough to share photos of where they had placed these fairy gardens. Each photo gives a hint as to where you can find them without getting too specific. Personally, I've never visited Vicksburg. At least, not long enough to determine where all of these are. But, maybe you're more well versed on the area. Take a look! Can you figure out where these fairy gardens are placed?

Fairy Gardens Hidden Around Vicksburg



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