Cereal giants, an underground railroad activist, the founder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, a weeping Mary and a Prince fan are all buried at Oak Hill.

We've talked about it before, there's a YouTube channel for everything. Not only do gamers love to watch walk-thrus, crafters are always looking new tips and tricks. For some reason, simply taking something out of the box is a phenomenon. There are channels for cooking, learning almost anything, watching trains go by and even one dedicated to riding elevators just for fun.

YouTube creator sonnytsbr likes to drive around graveyards and look for famous people. He's visited Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling, baseball's Billy Martin, Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin, Babe Ruth, Harry Houdini, Jack Kevorkian, Erma Bombeck, Bo Shembechler, Muhammad Ali, Daniel Boone Verne "Mini Me" Troyer and many more.

On a recent Battle Creek visit, he discovered the final resting places of a very diverse group of famous people at Oak Hill Cemetery.

  • W.K. Kellogg: It's no surprise the founder of the cereal company that bears his name is given a prominent final resting place.
  • C.W. Post: Kellogg rival post has a large mausoleum that houses a number of family members at Oak Hill.
  • Sojourner Truth: Not only does Battle Creek have a statue honoring this abolitionist and women's rights advocate, she has a grave marker that tells her story.
  • Ellen White: The name may not ring a bell, but Ellen and her husband James were part of a small group that founded the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Battle Creek in 1863.
  • The weeping Mary: This statue of the mother of Christ is said to cry real tears at midnight.
  • Edward Gates: Quite possibly the biggest Prince fan on the planet. (Skip ahead to 3:30 in the video below.)
  • Junior Walker: The narrator says at one point, “I believe there’s a famous musician here, also?” Indeed there is.

So, hop in the car with sonnytsbr as he shows you where to find these famous graves in Battle Creek's Oak Hill Cemetery.

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