We are about a year away from the opening of the new Little Caesars Arena in Downtown Detroit.   That is the name for the new arena ,which so far doesn't have a nickname.  A Father and Son hope to change that.

According to the story at M-Live, Taylor Oake and His Father Cyril came up with the nickname, "The Dough Joe" for the new Little Caesars Arena.

They felt the name for the new arena didn't capture the history of the Red Wings. They came up with the new nickname, which they have trademarked,  as well as created a logo with the nickname. They have also started to sell  t-shirts featuring the name and logo which can be purchased here.

They hope for the name to eventually catch on. "The Dough Joe", what do you think?

I think their name  has too much of a martial arts theme.  I am actually ok with the corporate name, just wish the team would of had Gordie Howe's name somehow involved in the naming of the new arena.

We will see if this nickname or any others stick when the new arena opens next year.